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I help bloggers scale their traffic with SEO so they can make more money blogging.

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I've helped over 4,000 students scale their traffic with SEO, start their own niche sites, and find the most profitable blogging niches.

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Stupid Simple SEO has transformed me from a confused, scared blogger wondering if this whole blogging thing can pay my bills and save, to feeling confident I can get the traffic (and income) I need to become financially free.



About Mike


As a busy dad of two little kids with a stressful, full-time corporate job, I was determined to make a little extra income on the side so I could cut back my hours at the office and spend more time with my family.

Fast-forward 5 years and I've been able to do just that, earning six-figures per year with my blogs and niche sites, using just SEO and affiliate marketing. And just importantly: I've been able to help 4,000+students as well.

I help bloggers just like you grow their traffic, income, and impact with my signature programs, Stupid Simple SEO and Niche Site Academy.


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